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Stress Can Be Beneficial and Harmful

Stress Can Be Beneficial and Harmful

Although many people assume that stress is negative, this is not always the case. A certain amount of stress and tension are necessary, and are actually important in living a balanced and productive life. It is how you respond to stress that is the key. There are many ways to respond to stress that do not involve food.
Too much stress overloads the body’s resources and can prove very harmful. If the body cannot handle the stress overload, it may reach a state of “pathological” tension or extreme stress.
When this stress increases, your breathing may become shallow,
which has a pronounced effect on the blood circulation throughout the body and reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. Stress at this level may even lead to a feeling of terror, extreme mood swings, and even emotional breakdowns.
In addition to shallow breathing, your muscles will tighten up, especially around your pelvis, neck, and shoulders. As a quick fix to reduce this tension, you may reach for high-calorie snacks and high-fat foods. Be aware that it is not only obesity that can result from excessive stress.
Understanding Your Emotions
According to some psychologists, we experience four basic emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, and joy. The level of success that you have in your weight-management program is greatly dependent on how you respond to one or another of these feelings.

Repressed feelings can cause you to eat more. To avoid overeating, it is essential that you learn to express how you feel, and Bach Remedies can assist you in doing that.
Emotional repression creates stress. Maybe you are fearful that if you reveal your feelings in one situation, you will be unable to control them in another. But in fact, if you do not deal with your feelings, then your underlying frustration may come out in the form of various unproductive and dysfunctional behavior patterns, including denial that you even have a weight problem and compulsive overeating. These patterns can lead to various types of
physical and emotional stress.
Anger, Fear, and Stress
Of the four basic emotions, the two that seem to be the greatest roadblocks to effective weight management are anger and fear.
The way that you can obtain freedom from fear is to participate more actively in life. Some people choose to be spectators and let life pass them by. Bach Remedies will broaden your perspective so that you will be more open to experience those things that will dissipate fear and anger.

If you are serious about creating joy and freedom from fear, then consider applying some or all of the following suggestions:
• Get involved in small group activities and service organizations. By supporting other people, you are in a sense helping them go beyond the limitations of fear. In this way, you learn about the importance of support as part of
the process of self-actualization.
• Become involved with friends and family. Ask them for support when you require it, and don’t be afraid to offer to
support them emotionally when they are in need.
• Choose your circumstances and environment for work and play consciously. A creative work environment is key to
• Expand your interests, try new things, and avoid doing things merely out of habit. In this way, you can see life
from a different perspective and make new friends and acquaintances in the process. The more expansive you are,
the more you partake in and experience the joy of life.
• Bring humor into your life. Spend time with people who love to laugh, read humorous books, and listen to
humorous records and tapes. Don’t look at everything from such a serious perspective. In other words, lighten up.
• Look at the things in your life that you have to be grateful for. If something unpleasant comes along, don’t allow fear to paralyze you. Change takes effort and skill. See this new opportunity as a new way of applying your skills. If your initial attempts do not succeed, try to create new ways to adjust.

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