6 Alarming Signs Of Low Potassium Levels You Should Never Ignore!

– Potassium is one of the most significant minerals for our wellbeing. It is available in all the cells in our body, and plays an assortment of significant capacities. Just 2% of the potassium in our body is found in the circulatory system, and the mineral is so significant for our cells that even a little absence of it can cause enormous issues.

– One of the primary roles of potassium is to control the electrical action of cells in the heart, muscles and nerves. On the off chance that the levels are even marginally decreased, you may encounter some sort of issue with the capacity of these organs.

– Main sources of hypokalemia (low potassium levels) The fundamental driver of low potassium levels in the body is decreased degree of potassium in the gastrointestinal tract or kidneys, which itself is brought about by steady utilization of certain medications, retching, loose bowels and continuous utilization of purgatives.

– In request to forestall more serious issues, it’s imperative to perceive the early side effects of hypokalemia and follow up on schedule.

Here are the 6 greatest indications of low potassium levels:

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